The ReJoyce Wear design is actually a testimony of a very dark and difficult period in my life where counseling failed but God prevailed. I had a difficult time dealing with my brokenness so I underwent counseling but it didn't seem to help me and I declined membership in our over medicated society. I chose instead to enhance my relationship with my Savior because I had the utmost faith that HE would be the light in my path of darkness during this period of brokenness.

Thou I ceased counseling and declined antidepressants, continued prayer and belief in God's promises, led me from the darkness into the light. Thus leading to the meaning behind the design...."NO MATTER HOW BROKEN WE ARE; AS LONG AS WE HAVE THE FAITH OF A MUSTARD SEED AND CONTINUE TO WORSHIP GOD , HE WILL SEE US THROUGH OUR ADVERSITIES.